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What We Do


The industry will mill organic sugarcane for the production of Cane Juice, Wholesugar and Syrup, Neutral Alcohol, Yeast, and conventional and organic corn for the production of Neutral Alcohol, and DDGS.





Sugarism is proud to focus on affordable processes tailored to clients' needs including organic protocols to organic farming, conversion from conventional to organic farming, industrial design, permits, government compliance, staff training and marketing. We help it come to reality.




If you are an organic farmer looking for organic growing protocols resulting in better yields or facing diseases and nutritional problems we can help you.


Sugarism develops solutions for planting and maintaining organic crops tailored for each client considering their singularities. There is no equal solution because there is no equal land or equal pest and disease pressure so there is no equal needs.

Using the most updated biotechnology, repopulating the soil, building its biosphere, nourishing and protecting crops from plagues and diseases taking advantages of organic and biodynamic techniques, that is The Sugarism Way!

Conventional farmers can count on tailored protocols to help them in the process of adding value to their land and raise their profits converting their land to organic with no trauma. Sugarism will develop a "hands on" protocol especially for you and will be with you all the way helping also to decide which Certification Company to be used and to understand the process of the conversion. We will help all the way!

Sugarism has tailored solutions to turn Golf Courts and Gated Communities in organic raising its values and public interest on them.


Processing Plants
cane mill.jpg

SUGARISM MILLENIUM TOTAL FLEX® USA will be first implemented in Florida and consists of the 1st FULL FLEX plant in the USA processing ORGANIC SUGARCANE and CONVENTIONAL CORN, simultaneously, for the manufacture of alcohols, DDGS, sweeteners and byproducts.

At the SUGARISM MILLENIUM TOTAL FLEX® Business Model, processing units have independent systems in the same site, with the sugarcane factory delivering energy for both plants, especially corn.


This innovation is made possible through the adoption of the TOTAL BIOENERGY® system that enables the processing of sugarcane during its normal crop cycle, 120 days, and the processing of corn into 330 days of the year, without the need of biomass purchase nor other fuels for generation of steam and electricity, something impossible in conventional plants.

Turn Key Organic Cane, Vegetable and Fruit Processing Plants


If you are a farmer willing to do the next step and add more value to your crops or if you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a successful organic product, Sugarism helps you through the entire process.


From the engineering, industrial plants, equipment quotes, construction site supervision, crew training, establishing your performance indicators, processes and protocols. The team can guide you through all aspects of a production line and can appoint and manage the most suitable industry to produce your product at the target price; all tailored to your needs!

From vegetables and fruits, Sugarism can help developing processing plants for your Juice, Puree, Nectar, Smoothie, Seed Oil and Gelling plant.

Sugarism is highly specialized in Rum, Neutral Alcohol, Ethanol, Crystal Sugar, Wholesugar, Cane Syrup and Sugarcane Juice factories in a broad range of sizes.


Opening and developing Organic Markets: sale platforms, network and direct contacts to establish your organic market 

Sugarism will help launch and open markets for your organic products and supplies. From market evaluation through development of websites, institutional and promotional materials going all the way to B2B contacts to establish your client base, Sugarism will be at your side, helping you build your sale platform and to insert your product into the market.

Our network on the organic food, beverage, spirits, cosmetic, fresh produce and alcohol chemical markets, from industries to retailers and distributors, and our vast experience on direct and relationship marketing will be at your service helping establish your client base.


Organic Traditional and Brazilian Rum and base of Rum


Having its mother company in Brazil, Sugarism has contacts with major cachaça (Brazilian Rum) producers making it possible for you to have the private label you need to launch your own brand of cachaça, Brazilian Rum.

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